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Control other computer by your internet connection

By this system you can control and solve any problem of other computer from your computer. You can also transfer any file and talk with the admin of any computer by this system. To active this system you must need a software that is ( ) .After the download you must install the software in your own computer and in the other computer that you want to control.
After the installation follow the steps,
Step1: Active team viewer>>click on computer and contacts>>click on sign up>>make a account for your pc and a account for other pc.
Step2: You will get your computer id and password to (allow remote control)>>put other computer id in (partner id)>>click on connect to partner>>put other computer password and click on log on.
Now, if the option( Ready to connect )give a green signal that means you are connected.
For file transfer,
Click on remote control tab>>click on file transfer.
For talk with the admin,
Click on remote control window>>audio video>>voice over ip(for change sound volume)>>transmit my audio now.
You can control your computer privacy by,
Click on authentication dialogue box>>access control.
You can also use this on android phone.
………………(((its performance depend on your internet connection)))      


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