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Some important uses of VLC media player software

VLC player have many important sides that is unknown for you. Now I’m going to describe about some important uses of VLC player software.
1. Audio and video convert system:
You can convert any types of audio and video files by this software. Such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MP3, 3GP etc.To convert the files you must follow the step, first click on Media>Convert/save>choose the file to convert>click on convert/save>choose the output format>select the destination of file save.
2. Listen the online radio:
There are many radio station have a good connection with this software. So you can listen many radio stations by this software. To do this you must follow the step, first click on Media>Services discovery>Short cast radio listings>open the play station>choose your favorite station and play the music.

3. Rip DVD:
VLC player have a ability to rip DVD. You can rip the DVD by following the steps, click on Media>convert/save option>choose your DVD disc>you can rip it by any file name or any own title of your DVD>click on save.
4. Video recording:
You can record any part of video or movie by this software. To use this option follow the step, click on View>Advance control>now you can see the record button.
5. Play RAR files:
VLC player can play the RAR files but the video file is must in zip format to the RAR file. Now, you can play the file. If the video have many part then you choose the any part of this video then VLC detect the all RAR file automatically.
6. Youtube and other online videos download:
You can download any types of YouTube or online video by this software. To do this you must follow the steps, Click on Media>Open Network steam>now you can see the URL box>now copy the video link and paste in this box>click on play button>now click on tools>codec information>now you can see the location box to below>now copy the URL from here and paste in your browser address bar>now you can save the video in your hard disc or you can also record the video.
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